About Hamuniverse Antenna Design Antenna Safety! THE COAX FED 6 METER EXTENDED DOUBLE ZEPP ZIP CORD ANTENNA (Repeat that title 6 times without stopping!)
W3EDP End-fed Multiband Antenna Charles Lofgren - W6JJZ. Just to remember the old (but still good) antenna tricks, here is a brief description of the W3EDP antenna. The design has lasted through the years. I've explained elsewhere how it is related to an end-fed Zepp (a true Zepp, as once trailed...
The Bobtail fed at the bottom of the middle tail and the next antenna the Double Extended Zepp behave in a very same manner. The gain and the radiation pattern is comparable but if I have to choose I pick the Double Extended Zepp.
These same characteristics also make the "Carolina" windom an excellent receiving antenna. The Original Windom Antenna of The 1930's. The original windom was a Zepp-type antenna fed 14% off-center with a single wire. The single-wire feeder radiated RF all the way into the operating position.
It is a COAX FED 4 to 1 balun attached to a 17 foot long piece of 450 ohm ladder line and a 67 foot long piece of wire attached to one side of the ladder line. This antenna will work with gain and does well horizontal at 10 feet above earth as an NVIS antenna.
The unique COMPACtenna TV antenna is a 3-Dimensional Design and contained within an attractive plastic black box. net The Chameleon HF Multiband Zepp Antenna has been specially designed for apartments, condominiums, homeowners associations, deed restrictions and CCRs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), ARES, RACES, MARS, EMCOMM, NVIS, First Responders, Emergency Preparedness and attic antenna installation.
wa7ark 3 What is an End Fed Half Wave Antenna? Let's call it a “EFHW” Works on a similar principle to a Zepp and J-Pole ~0.5 Wave-Length wire on lowest band (130ft on
½ wave antennas can be fed from the end (voltage feed) ... •Fed with ladderline and an antenna tuner, this will ... Extended Double Zepp This design is not too sensitive to nearby objects because of higher feed impedance (compared to center fed dipole) so I think it will work on a sailboat as inverted "V". Again, this antenna does not need a tuner, i got it under 1.1:1 on 20m using ropes. As other reviewers have noted, build quality looks really good.
End Fed Zepp Antenna with QRP Z-match tuner, 30m-80m. Demonstrate 40m tuning of a End Fed Zepp antenna using Z-match tuner located close to the antenna feed, securing good match
I have used an End-Fed Long-Wire antenna for many years. I have used it on 80M, 40M, 20M with 1:1 SWR... I did NOT try for the shortest long-wire possible. The Antenna Tuner is a 1977 HeathKit HFT-9, a small QRP size tuner of the Cap-Coil-Cap double"L" design. Super simple. I use an MFJ-813...
Oct 20, 2016 · An example of such is the Double Extended Zepp and antenna. And you can find online calculators, like this one , to help you figure out the dimensions. I don’t think West Mountain Radio would mind me sharing the real estate problem that comes with a Double Extended Zepp antenna on the lower end of the 80 meter band.
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Apr 27, 2013 · Hi, I have been experimenting with end fed antennas, but for me they always need quite a high capacitor to tune them (150+pF) A friend of mine also is working with them, but he seems to need much lower capacitors (10-20pF) and uses beehive capacitors, he gave me one, but it has a too small capacitance for my antennas. An End Fed Half Wave Length Antenna is a variation of the much more common half wave length dipole antenna. When an antenna that is one half wave length long has RF energy applied to it at its resonant frequency a standing wave develops on it.
The Matching Section is 450 Ohm Open Wire Feedline and is a compromise impedance between the 5/8 Wave antenna elements and the feed point, A 4:1 Current Balun. The Balun on the end matches the 450 Ohm Open Wire Line into a 50 Ohm Coax Cable. The antenna as fed, matches reasonably well into a 50 Ohm Coax Cable Feedline.
End fed Zepp – owenduffy.net. Owenduffy.net The so-called End fed Zepp (EFZ) is often cited as the basis for many more recent antenna designs, and is leveraged to provide and explanation… though few hams understand how the EFZ actually works. End fed Zepp. Above is a diagram from the ARRL Antenna Handbook (Silver 2011).
A Zepp antenna is a 1/2WL antenna end-fed with 1/4WL of open-wire line (or ladder-line). We can put those two facts together to create an end-fed HF antenna that will work on harmonically related frequencies, i.e. 3.5, 7.0, 14.0, 21.0, and 28.0 MHz.
· "No feed line" antenna. · Low ground losses mean only the simplest grounds or counterpoises are All of these things point to the EFHW as an ideal temporary antenna for the hiker or camper. The popular way to provide a match is to simply design a toroidal transformer with a turns ratio of about...
Several designs [14-16] were proposed to reduce the antenna size by loading with capacitance since this lowers the resonant However, the performance of the antenna depends on the quality factor Q of the capacitors used. This shorting feed point configuration, therefore, reduces the antenna's size.
Rated at 600w these highly efficient half wave end fed antennas have proved to be extremely popular and many customers have come back to buy more for other bands. The performance of a resonant antenna without a feeder hanging down into the garden makes them neighbour friendly and easy to install.
J-Pole Antenna Schematic (courtesy: wireman j-pole DK7ZB) Despite the long history and popularity of this antenna, there seem to be a lot of confusion about what this is and how it works. For example, confuses this antenna with Zepp antenna, an end-fed wire antenna, which J-pole may have its conceptual origin but they are not the same thing.
Nov 19, 2011 · 5) The center fed Lazy H is rather finicky compared to a coax fed 1/2 wave dipole, a coax fed extended double zepp antenna with a 450 ohm matching section down to a 1:1 balun, or a 300 ohm ohm twin lead fed delta loop.
Understanding Zepp and other end-fed antennas (W8JI) Understanding long wire / random wire antennas (W8JI) How an end-fed antenna can work without a counterpoise (by Steve Yates, AA5TB )
This is a 200 Watt PEP step up transformer for end fed full and half wave antennas without radials, designed as a 200 Watt PEP upgrade by PA0EJH for the originaly Par Electronics designed 25 Watt HF endfedz multiband end fed antenna.
END FED 6–40 Meter Multiband HF Antenna Introduction This project produces an inexpensive, multiband, end fed HF antenna matchbox that is quick and easy to setup and use. The end fed feature adds convenience, but does present another issue. The problem with an end fed half wave antenna is that the antenna presents a high impedance, creating a
I managed to get a 75 meter end fed Zepp up about 60 feet between two trees. I was used to working stations around 50-100 miles away on a long wire (350 ft) about 20 feet off the ground and was disappointed that the new Zepp performed so much worse than the long wire.
of this antenna to ask me to design a 75-meter version for him. In his location one end of the antenna could only be 60 feet high (< 0.25 λ), and I was concerned about the accuracy of the modeling program, because MININEC-based programs are known to be inaccurate for gain and feed-point impedance at low heights.
Feb 18, 2017 · By [email protected] (KB0DN) Like new, $50 shipped. Email to: dknife33-kb0dn at yahoo dot com Here’s a great end-fed long wire 80 – 10 Meter multi-band antenna from Radio Tech Eng, RTE-8010. Whether you’re looking for a portable antenna or trying to put up a covert antenna that really works and won’t bother …read more Source:: […]
Antenna types: Wire antennas -- Dipoles -- G5RV -- Zepp -- Off center fed Horizontal arrays +Yagi +Quad +Wires +Commercial Slideshow 6244562 by ANTENNAS: PART II. For the DX University Presented by Pete Rimmel N8PR. Antenna types: Wire antennas -- Dipoles -- G5RV -- Zepp -- Off...
Almost any combination of turns can be used. Flux-coupled transformers with transformation ratios of 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 9:1, and 16:1 are used for feeding beams and wire antennas such as the popular Off-Center-Fed Dipole (OCFD). The End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) antenna often uses a transformer with a transformation ratio of 49:1 (a turns ratio of 7). A ...
The Zepp antenna is a ground independent antenna consisting of a half wave radiator and a quarter wave tuning stub section that can be made from old plumbing supplies or a parallel feed line which makes a great, cheap, travelling antenna as it can be rolled up and packed away. It has zero dB gain over a dipole but can be stacked by end feeding or
The zeppelin antenna (or simply "zepp") is a popular end-fed wire antenna for shortwave bands and has lots of simularities with the J-pole antenna. It consists of a long wire (half wave length), connected to one of the wires of a balanced feedline (quarter wave length).
Important antenna parameters, different antenna types, design aspects and techniques for characterizing antennas are presented. Single ended antennas are fed by a signal which is referenced to ground and the characteristic input impedance for these antennas is usually 50 ohms.
A classic 80 meters Zepp antenna was used as reference at a height of 20 meters, while the loop was mounted on a 2 The antenna is built with 15 mm soft copper tube and is designed as shielded symmetrical loop. The loop feeds an SDRPlay RSP and I have had to fit a 10dB attenuator before it.
Nov 17, 2010 · The End Fed Half Wave antenna described is a very good choice for those operators who have limited space and require an effective radiator. I have built a number of these on different bands and found the design extremely repeatable. Results are encouraging but tuning them up can get a bit fiddley.
Most of my recent tests through 2007/2008 were compared with a 100ft doublet antenna at the same height of 24ft. The use of 4-conductor ribbon cable in the original was just a cute gimmick to make a very inexpensive, lightweight antenna. This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna that will cover all bands from 80 to10 meters, including t.
the antenna a 3/4 wave per leg, but you start to develop an x shape pattern rather than broadside. So with running the.64 wave elements you will show a higher feed impedance than 50 ohms.
Maximum gain for a straight dipole occurs at a length of 1.28 wavelengths, a configuration often called an Extended Double Zepp. The name comes from the half-wavelength end-fed wires that were dangled from Zeppelins As the graph shows, the gain is about 3 dB above that of a half wave dipole.
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Photo: End-Fed Long-wire antenna up 5-6 feet ( See the 1:64 Matching Auto Transformer hooked to the fence ). Table of Contents 1. Part List 2. Prototype 3 The End-fed antenna with a 1:64 Matching Auto Transformer is well worth building. Although about 5S units down from my 20-40-80 fan dipole...
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